5 Sex Positions To Help You Reach Your Peak

Whether you are a considerate bed partner or you’d like to be a stallion in the sack, these five mind-boggling sexual positions will help you reach the big O-land;

1. G-Spot Jiggy

Set your sexy times on fire through G-spot jiggy position. To do this, get down while the man needs to kneel down behind the lady. Let him plunge on her core as he grabs your rear to balance out. Through a firm and well-placed strokes of the G-spot, this position can introduce you to a new world of orgasm.  If you’d like to do it the hard way, ask him to thrust far inside you.

2. Reverse cowgirl

Wanna be satisfied in bed? Do the reverse cowgirl act. The position requires the man to either sit or lie down while the girl straddles him backwards. It’s the perfect option if you want an easy access into the clitoris. Megan Andellouz, a sexuality educator and sexologist explained that since there’s an easy clitoral access, reverse cowgirl will likely to trigger an orgasm due to direct clitoral stimulation.


3. Spooning

Does your girl not fond of deep penetration? If that’s the case, then spooning is a good alternative. Furthermore, it works best as well when you are into lazy morning sex. With spooning, the front portion of the rectum or vagina is being stimulated. You will definitely love this position as it makes a tighter fit in the rectum and vagina. Hence, when you’re lady seeks for more stimulation from your penis or finger, don’t hesitate to spoon away.


4. Coital Alignment Technique

Edward Eichel, a psychotherapist, tailored this position. It is dubbed by many as the best sex position. You can just start in a missionary position wherein your full body weight is on the top of the lady. Do not rest on your elbows. Then, you need to move forward to let the base of your penis have a direct contact with her genitals. Make sure that her long legs are wrapped around your thighs. Next, move together like you were dancing. It must be in a rhythmic and rocking motion. This position promotes the best clitoral stimulation and the closest physical connection.


5. Doggy Position

This rundown is incomplete without the famous doggy position. Have the woman get on their hands and knees. Then, you kneel and take her from behind. This position gives a man a chance for stronger thrust. On the other hand, it also let her push her hips back for a more pleasurable experience.


Do not settle for a few sexual moves and fake orgasm. You don’t deserve them.

Although in porn and movies, women and men seem like to reach their orgasm in just ten seconds, it’s the other way around. Most of us experience difficulty in reaching the peak during penetrative intercourse. Fret not because the above-mentioned sex positions will help you produce an unforgettable, trembling orgasm. Try them all to know which position works best for your sexual urge.