Bring Back The Spark In Your Sex Life With These Sex Tips & Tricks

When sex is the topic, are you trying to get rid of it? Afraid or feeling conscious? Or you are just too shy to talk about it?

Some people are very hesitant to talk about sex probably because they don’t want to tell anyone about their sex life status. While others were just simply don’t have any sex life or stories to share.

There are a lot of reasons why a person’s sex life stopped or becomes dull. First, when a woman has just recently gave birth, second, due to health problems, third, too busy with their work and forgetting about their sex life and fourth, they have bad experiences in the past. Furthermore, there are couples who no longer do this although the love is still there. But if you really want to improve your sex life and want to make the relationship becomes stronger, you can consider some of these tips;


Start With A Foreplay

Don’t act too fast, keep it sweet and gentle. Show your interest at the earliest possible by sending her/him sweet messages, sexy photos or any gifts that could make her/him happy. Why you should do this? Because foreplay can excite your partner and he/she becomes more interested in you. If you are a guy, try to keep everything slowly. Kiss her tenderly or use your tongue often, find her weakness and enjoy every moment of it. If you are a lady, you can also do the job to enhance the foreplay. Don’t be shy to command your guy of what you want to do or what you want him to do with you. If you want to hold his abs, then do so. Do anything that you think can add a romantic touch on the scene like including some candle light in the room with a beautiful music or wearing a sexy dress to capture his eyes.


Doing The Oral Sex

There’s no harm in trying. Don’t you know that foreplay can sometimes lead to an oral sex? When it comes to oral sex, right move is necessary. It’s how you properly use your tongue, hands, body, head and even a thing. Having a good oral sex is a vital sexual gift you can give to someone. So make sure it is something that your partner will not forget.

In oral sex, another way to make it more exciting is by using sex toys. Sex toys are designed for ultimate pleasure both for men and women. They are available everywhere and sold with various designs, types and uses. But remember to ask your partner first before using these devices and make sure the one you are using is safe. Moreover, sex toys absolutely improve sex life whether you use them with or without a partner.

Along with a good foreplay, oral sex and exciting sex toys, don’t forget to explore on the best sex positions. Make the moment really fun and thrilling for the both of you.